Fund Manager Membership

Emerging managers generally have a difficult time accumulating AUM even with amazing track records.  

The issue is simply one of physics, as one cannot yet be in two places at the same time.  The two prevailing options; either hiring an internal capital raising partner, or hiring a capital introduction broker can be very expensive. bridges the gap for managers who cannot afford traditional options but wish to be aggressive about AUM growth.

Start a fund from


Despite the proliferation of information on the Internet, there are still barriers to understanding the true requirements of setting up a new alternative asset fund.

We can help.

Share your metrics with

Intelligently presented metrics are perhaps the finest tool one can use to present the benefits to capital allocators who need to find alpha.

Our platform was designed with this in mind.

Initiate a review of your fundraising plan

Everyone knows they need a deck, everyone knows it needs to be good.  However, do you objectively know what "good" means?  Would you know it if you saw it?

We know what "good" means; and, we can get you there.

Initiate the EMA Accreditation process

For those managers who are serious about increasing AUM via capital allocation, there is perhaps no better method than having us pre-screen your fund.

This due-dilligence can make allocation faster.

Membership Benefits

All your metrics in one place.

We store both quantitative and qualitative information for each fund.  These metrics are made available to capital allocators who must make decisions, usually quarterly, regarding movement and allocation of assets.  Securely market your performance 24x7x365.

Become accredited by the EMA.

Even the largest pensions have under or un-funded liabilities.  As such, they and other capital allocators must make decisions quickly about capital allocation to ensure ROI on assets.  We do a base level of diligence to ensure a higher velocity of funds invested.

Meet the people who make decisions. events provide a qualified venue to meet capital allocation specialists from endowments, pensions, funds-of-funds and other qualified purchasers; additionally, for certain member-levels or star performers, we will schedule & attend alongside the manager for certain allocators.

Fund Manager Membership Dues

Basic membership for an annual donation of only $247. 

Basic membership is a great place to start for new fund managers who are growing their AUM from initial savings and contributions by friends and family.  Basic membership will allow new, emerging managers to post their performance on the Search Platform, for perusal, analysis and comparison by capital aggregators; additionally, you will be eligible to attend all training classes, conferences and

functions where you can meet fellow managers, investors and service providers.



All benefits of Basic Membership but with full a full guided implementation of your fund on our Search Platform.  You will also be eligible for email and chat support for technical and / or industry related questions.  25% discount on all events and services.


All benefits of Enhanced Membership with a full Accreditation of one (1) underlying fund. will independently verify relationships with service providers on a quarterly basis and include your fund performance in quarterly pro-active communications with allocators. 

Chairman's Club

The Chairman's Club is limited to 50 managers.

In addition to receiving all benefits of Professional Membership, these 50 managers will receive access to the Chairman of who will personally market the funds to qualified purchasers and allocators worldwide.


  • Access to the Community Forum

  • Access to the Video Wiki

  • Access to the Job Board

  • Access to Search Platform 

  • Eligible to donate directly to the EMA PAC

  • Eligible to attend the annual Charity Gala

  • Eligible to be featured on the Blog

  • Eligible to be featured on the Podcast

  • We help U.S. based children through funding STEM programs

  • We help women & minorities studying finance at university

  • We help provide funds to build schools in emerging markets

  • We help government officials understand alternative assets