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You're here because you want an elite career at a hedge fund, private equity fund or venture fund.  Right?

Everyone knows that Wall Street, especially the buy-side, is an incredibly insular culture.  As technology increases accuracy and efficiency, managers can run higher levels of AUM with less human intervention.  As such, you need to make sure that your specific brand of "human-intervention" is as close to flawless as possible. provides information and connections to make your path to a career on the buy-side more clear.

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Video Wiki

Trying to set yourself apart from the crowd?  Why not make a few video definitions of key investment terms for the video wiki.

Insert the links to your videos in your cover letter!

Learn from others on the Forum

Intelligently presented metrics are perhaps the finest tool one can use to present the benefits to capital allocators who need to find alpha.

Our platform was designed with this in mind.

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our Job Board

Resumes are so outdated.  Benefit from the move toward visual information with a profile page on the secure Job Board.

List your accomplishments and rate your skills.

Network with others at Events

For those job-seekers who are serious about finding a coveted buy-side position, attending industry events is an intelligent way to spend your time.

Check out industry events.

Membership Benefits

All your career data in one place.

We store all of your career history, as well as self-assessed levels for specific skills.  This data is made available to recruiters and hiring managers who must make decisions, quickly, regarding hiring of new resources.  Password protected so you can securely market yourself 24x7x365.

Recruiters can search geographically.

Often, recruiters can be overloaded by the sheer, non-visual data in resumes, making it difficult to intelligently and quickly sort through candidates geographically.  Our secure job board maps candidate locations to the level of geographic specificity that the job candidate is comfortable with.

Get interview advice on the forums.

Imbue our forums with a sense of quality through your posts.  Our members are required to post using their legal names instead of pseudonyms; thus, your posts can be accretive to your job search so long as they are intelligent questions of quality.

Careerist Membership Dues

Do you have NETFLIX?  Because this is cheaper than NETFLIX.

For an investment of $89 per year,  membership is a great place to start for life-long-learners and job-seekers to set themselves apart from the pack.  We all know that paper resumes are dead, reduced to merely a nice formality to show preparedness when walking into a hiring manager's office on interview day.   Careerist membership enables job seekers to post their credentials on the Candidate Platform, for perusal, analysis and comparison by hiring managers on the buy-side as well as select service-providers; additionally, you will be eligible to attend all training classes, conferences and

functions where you can meet fund managers and other movers-and-shakers.



  • Access to the Community Forum

  • Access to the Video Wiki

  • Access to the Job Board

  • Access to build your specialized Candidate Profile 

  • Eligible to donate directly to the EMA PAC

  • Eligible to attend the annual Charity Gala

  • Eligible to be featured on the Blog

  • Eligible to be featured on the Podcast

  • We help U.S. based children through funding STEM programs

  • We help women & minorities studying finance at university

  • We help provide funds to build schools in emerging markets

  • We help government officials understand alternative assets