Corporate Membership

The best time to build a relationship with a successful hedge fund manager is BEFORE they are successful.

This business, beyond that of others, is a business of trust.  Establishing a vendor or partner relationship with an emerging fund manager early increases odds significantly that their business will remain with you for years to come. provides exposure for corporate service providers, and makes introductions to fund managers when appropriate.

List as an "approved" Service Provider

In the early days, many emerging managers do not know which providers to turn to for help in setting up their fund in an effective, efficient manner.

Put yourself in a position to be recommended.

Sponsor the Podcast Chairman Nicholas Chavez hosts a weekly podcast that dives into issues facing emerging managers, penisons, foundations and other allocators.

Our audience is comprised of your future customers.

Initiate a review of your Marketing Plan

Everyone knows they need a marketing plan, everyone knows it needs to be good.  Do you objectively know what "good" means?  Would you know it if you saw it?

We know what "good" means; and, we can get you there.

Underwrite an Event

Take center stage at one of our events, large or small.  Whether it be our annual scholarship gala, or simply a quarterly pension roadshow.

We get you in front of the decision makers.

Corporate Membership Dues

Basic membership is a great place to start for service providers who are growing their customer base.  At, we understand that even tax-deductable expenses are still expenses; as such, we created the basic membership tier for corporations to allow exposure of service providers to emerging managers in order to form a symbiotic relationship between the service provider and the emerging manager to get to mutual profitability more quickly; additionally, you will be eligible to attend all training classes, conferences and functions where you can meet  managers, investors and other service providers.


Courageous Corporation

All benefits of Basic Membership but with full a full guided review of your service provider marketing plan.  Signage at every event and allocator pitch. You will also be eligible for email and chat support for technical and / or industry related questions.  

25% discount on all events and services.

Honorable Corporation

All benefits of Courageous Sponsorship with a logo listing & link in weekly email communications to our membership base.  

2 guaranteed leads per month for business development followup. 

Chairman's Club

The Chairman's Club is limited to 5 sponsors.

In addition to receiving all benefits of Honorable Sponsorship, these 5 sponsors will receive a verbal mention on each podcast episode, in every allocator pitch, and special recognition at the Annual Scholarship Gala.  


  • Access to the Community Forum

  • Access to the Video Wiki

  • Access to the Job Board

  • Listing on the "approved" Provider List

  • Eligible to donate directly to the EMA PAC

  • Eligible to attend the annual Charity Gala

  • Eligible to be featured on the Blog

  • Eligible to be featured on the Podcast

  • We help U.S. based children through funding STEM programs

  • We help women & minorities studying finance at university

  • We help provide funds to build schools in emerging markets

  • We help government officials understand alternative assets