We educate the alternative asset industry by contextualizing and qualifying the efforts of individual, under-represented emerging managers and subsequently introduce them to qualified asset allocators seeking investment opportunities of quality.

The Emerging Manager Diversity Pledge

Emerging.org was founded in response to a study by Chief Investment Officer (CIO) magazine, where CIO found "90% of senior money managers in the United States are white," and that the white-male ethnic-gender group "...owns 97% of hedge funds."  The Emerging Managers Association seeks to balance this number by educating and empowering under-represented ethnic and gender minorities in the alternative-asset space.

​​​​​​​Becoming a signatory to the Emerging Manager Diversity Pledge allows allocating organizations to publicly demonstrate their commitment to diversity and a level playing field for minority and women investment managers. By taking the pledge, organizations demonstrate their commitmet to  finding the best investment management talent regardless of color, creed, gender or sexual orientation.

When allocators open their funds to emerging managers, their open-mindedness yields benefits:

  • According to a study by Preqin, since 2007, the average Emerging Manager long/short fund returned 8.8% net of fees in its first three years of trading while established managers returned 5.38%.

    The study was comprised of 2,191 Emerging Managers, which Preqin classified as funds with less than a three-year track record, and 8,647 total funds.

  • According to Prequn, between 2003 & 2014, funds <2 years old had the highest cumulative returns at 250.25%.

  • Among portfolios grouped by age, Prequin found that between 2003-2014, the "small" sized funds of less than $250 million had the highest cumulative returns at 139.86%.


For managers, a successful track record is paramount.  

Emerging.org is focused on finding this unique talent in the early days of a fund's life.  Once we find the emerging manager, we will verify his or her performance.  Once performance is verified, we may selectively introduce the manager to capital allocators, where we may further assist in guiding both parties through the investment due-dilligence process to the funding goal.

We collect data about Emerging Managers

In order to make the investment allocation process easy and efficient for portfolio managers, we centralize qualitative & quantitative due-diligence data on our easy-to-use platform.  Access is free for verified allocators.

We road-show deserving Emerging Managers

Most emerging managers choose to spend their time focusing on creating an overwhelmingly positive track record during the first few years of their fund's life.  Allocators want these returns.  We introduce allocators to managers.

We assist in the fund allocation process

Most funds presented by Emerging.org will have already had an independent audit of returns that we have reviewed.  Additionally, we will refer allocators to the administrators and service providers that we independently verify.



Nicholas Chavez

Nicholas is a strategist who connects people in finance & entertainment via technology.  He has over a dozen years experience in building analytics algorithms for the F100, including JP Morgan & AIG.

Nicholas earned his bachelor's degree with a concentration in Economics from

Harvard University. 

Khalid Malik

Khalid has held a variety of leadership positions in various Fortune 500 companies, primarily focusing on business intelligence, finance, product management & strategy development.

Khalid earned his master's degree with a concentration in Finance from

Harvard University.

Paul Eckel

Since 1997, Paul has managed the launch of over 25 hedge funds and CTAs which included the role of COO-Consultant for Ray Kurzweil's hedge fund operation and has 25 years of experience.

Prior to launching Emerging Manager in 2005, Paul served as a director at RBC Capital & began his career at Moore Capital.

Ian Rayner

Ian is an experienced executive in hedge fund research and operations. He is a business development consultant for growing asset managers.

Ian holds a master's degree in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University and an MBA from the Wharton School.