Internship Program  publishes internship opportunities and applications are accepted on a rolling basis beginning in March of each year. The internship list is updated several times throughout the spring, so students should check the list periodically for additional opportunities.

If your finance company offers summer internships and would like to recruit applications from current student members, we invite you to participate in the Summer Internship Program! Member ompanies can reach current students by posting their internship opportunities to our job board for free.

How it works for companies:

  1. In late March, we post your company’s internship opportunity to the job board.
  2. Member students submit their applications to us, per your company’s instructions, and forwards these applications to the designated contact person at your company.
  3. Your company interviews and/or potentially hires summer interns from the pool (we are not involved in this part of the process, unless you would like us to be).
  4. Your company notifies who you have decided to hire through our program, so we may include the student(s) in our summer events.
  5. The interns participate in your company’s summer internship program, and we provide interns with additional career-related events throughout the summer.
  6. If your company wishes to host or sponsor a summer event for all interns in London, Hong Kong or NYC for the summer, please let us know.

    We welcome your participation!

How it works for students:

  1. Only current undergraduate & graduate students who are members of may apply to internship opportunities. Please refrain from forwarding the listings to friends who are not current student-members of
  2. All application materials sent through will be reviewed by our directors to ensure compliance.
  3. Applicants must have a Careerist Membership to access the listings below and apply.
  4. Applicants may apply to an unlimited number of internships.

Students often ask about opportunities to work in trading (i.e., "on-the-floor") or in the offices for particular hedge funds or banks. These opportunities usually come up on short notice and are therefore difficult to include in the context of a planned internship program. However, if you wish to pursue an opportunity in this area, we would encourage you to take the initiative to contact and/or submit cover letters and resumes directly to the projects in which you are interested. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that each state has different labor laws regarding internships; it is the responsibility of the participating companies and the individual interns to inform themselves and ensure that the relevant labor laws are not being violated. disclaims any and all legal responsibility in these matters.