The Challenge

In 2013, African American college students earned mathematics & statistics degrees at half the rate necessary to achieve an equal distribution of bachelor degrees overall.  Latino & female students were also underrepresented.

How can we have a diverse Fund Manager population unless we change the face of education?

Pensions hold the funds of fire-fighters, police officers and school teachers.  Men and women of all races occupy these positions and trust the pension administrators to invest these funds on their behalf to secure a comfortable retirement. 

  • There is a 97% chance that these retirement funds are being handled by a white male.

  • Does this lack of diversity hamper investment returns?

  • How can an allocator be held responsible for diversity, if there are few minorities and females in to select from?  Capital preservation and superior returns must be prioritized at all cost, even the cost of diversity.

  • Therefore, we must optimize the emerging manager supply chain.  To do so, we must encourage education of under-represented groups in financial education.

Our Strategy

Identify college-ready students in inner-city & rural high schools

Students from lower socio-economic strata often do not understand the full breadth of opportunities open to them after high-school.  The primary reason for this is that they lack sufficient role-models in industries such as finance.  We identify college-bound, diverse students and introduce them to finance.

Filter students by intent then 

 award scholarships

At least 63% of every dollar raises is allocated to the Emerging Scholarship Fund.  These dollars are the foundation for backing scholarships for deserving, students from under-represented ethinc, gender-identity and socio-economic classes. 


Place high performing students in industry internships

Upon completing their first year of college, performance is reviewed to assess promise within the field of finance, as well as to gauge follow-on scholarship investment.  High performing students may be introduced to organizations in finance for paid-internships that will create mutual benefit.